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Battle Of Brookville 2020

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1) MEMBERSHIP: The BPTC Ladder is a division of the Brookville Park Tennis Club. To participate in The Ladder you must be a Member of the Brookville Park Tennis Club and Register to play in The Ladder.(*) Membership dues for 2020 are at a prorated cost of Twenty Dollars ($20.00). BPTC membership is available to all tennis lovers and gives you access to many Club benefits. Although COVID-19 has forced us to cancel many of our Club events; this season's membership still gives you access to private tennis lessons for Youths and Adults, Free Adult tennis drills and a variety of hitting partners on many skill levels. 2a) FORMAL CHALLENGES: All matches are played using the Challenge System. Each player and team is provided with the phone number of the available player or team in your division. You will use this list to schedule matches by contacting a player or team contact person to challenge them to a match. ALL CHALLENGES MUST BE SENT BY TEXT MESSAGE. When a Player receives a Challenge they will have THREE (3) DAYS to Accept the Challenge and SEVEN DAYS (7) to play the match. (If the Player or Team being Challenged does not respond within three (3) days or play the match within (7) days they will FORFEIT the match.) A follow up call can be made if there has been no response within twenty four (24) hours of the text or to arrange the day, time and location of the match. (The majority of the matches will be played at Brookville Park, however, a Ladder match can be played at any location agreed upon by All parties.) Once the match details have been set and the match has been Scheduled, the person issuing the Challenge must CONFIRM THE SCHEDULED MATCH BY TEXT MESSAGE. It is very important to follow the above steps. Match Forfeits will only be granted with text documentation. 2b) INFORMAL CHALLENGES: Challenges can also be made informally the same day of the match. For example if you are at the tennis courts and you see another player or team in your division, you may challenge them to a match and if they accept the challenge, the match can be played immediately. However, if the other player or team did not come out with the intention of playing a Ladder match, they will NOT be obligated to accept your challenge. If you wish to play them at another time you will need to Formally challenge them using the above procedure. 3) REPORTING SCORES: After the match has been completed the WINNING Player or Team must TEXT THE SCORES in to The Ladder Coordinator Jeff Lacy at 516 554 5120. It is important to do so IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING YOUR MATCH to ensure that your scores are recorded and added to your point totals. Scores not texted in within Seven days of the completion of the match WILL NOT BE COUNTED. 4a) FORFEITS: If a Player or Team contact person does not respond to a Formal Challenge within THREE (3) days or Play the match within SEVEN (7) days from the original challenge date they will be subject to a Match FORFEIT. In that case the Player or Team who issued the Challenge will Receive 20 points and the forfeited player will LOSE TWENTY (20) POINTS. If there are extenuating circumstances during the seven days such as an injury, illness, vacation, inclement weather or prolonged heatwave with temperatures above 85 degrees, then the Player or Team contact person receiving the Challenge must notify their opponent within the above timeframe so that the match can be rescheduled for another time. **ANY Player that has circumstances that will prevent them from playing for more than a SEVEN day period should contact Jeff Lacy, The Ladder Coordinator at 516 554 5120. He will then place you on the Inactive List until you notify him when you are ready to resume playing. 4b) FORFEITS: All Players should arrive ON TIME for their scheduled match. In fact players should plan to arrive for their match at least TWENTY MINUTES PRIOR to the scheduled time of the match. This will allow ample time to set up your equipmment and begin warming up for the match. If a player is running late he must call or text his opponent or partner IN ADVANCE of the match time and a FIFTEEN MINUTE grace period will be granted. If an Opponent or ANY member of the opposing team arrives more than FIFTEEN MINUTES after the Scheduled time of the match they will be subject to a Match FORFEIT. Forfeiting Players and Teams will have TWENTY POINTS deducted from their point totals and given to their opponents. Players or Teams with Two Forfeits will receive a warning. Players or Teams with more than Two Forfeits may be disqualified from The Ladder, subject to the discretion of The Ladder Committee. 4c) MATCH POSTPONEMENTS: If a player cannot play their match due to an unforseen emergency or circumstance, they must notify their opponent (and partner if playing doubles) at least SIXTY minutes prior to the scheduled time of the match. In that case the match can be rescheduled for later that same day or for another day. However, if notice is given less than Sixty minutes before the scheduled time of the match then the match will be recorded as a FORFEIT. The player or team that showed up to play will receive TWENTY POINTS and the player or team who failed to show up will lose Twenty Points. 5) DIVISIONS: The BPTC Ladder will have Five (5) Adult divisions this season. These include: Division 1 (Ultimate Challenge) Singles, Division 2 (Challenger Series) Singles, Women's Singles, Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles. Other divisions (Women's Doubles, Legends Singles, Legend's Doubles) may be formed during the season depending on the number of participants available. 6) TENNIS BALLS: Each Player or Team is required to bring a NEW CAN OF TENNIS BALLS to EVERY match they participate in. One can will be used to play the match and Winning Player of Team will receive the remaining can at the end of the match. New Balls ensure quality play for all participants. Any player or team that fails to bring a new can of balls will start the match THREE GAMES DOWN. Also should they lose the match they MUST provide a new can of balls to the winning player or team at a later date agreed to by all parties. 7a) SCORING: Each match provides a maximum of Twenty (20) points to the Winning Player or Team. The losing player or team will receive a point for each game they win in the match. For example a match score of 6 4 6 4 gains the Winning Player or Team Twenty (20) points, while the losing team receives Eight points for each game won during the match. Or if a match score ends 7 6 6 7 7 6 the Winning Player or Team gains 20 points and the losing player or team receives 19 points for each game won during the match. (In a match that uses a third set Tiebreaker to decide the match, the winning player/team gains 20 points for the win and the losing team will receive a point for each game won, including a maximum of 6 points for the third set tiebreaker. For example, a match score that ends 6 4 4 6 10 8 gains the winning player/team 20 points and the losing player/team 16 points. The Player or Team with the Most Ranking Points at the end of the Regular Season will be recognized as the Regular Season Ladder Champions. 7b) SCORING: A TWO out of THREE FULL SETS format will be used in all divisions (EXCEPT the Legend's Divisions). Sets tied at Six games all will be decided by a SEVEN (7) point, win by two, tiebreaker. Legend's Singles and Legend's Doubles will be two out of three sets with the Third Set to be played as a TEN POINT, win by two, TIEBREAKER. 8) MINIMUM MATCHES: Due to the shortened season there will be NO MINIMUM MATCH requirement this year to qualify for The Playoffs. However, ALL Players on the Player's List are encouraged to play at least one match per week during the season to allow for a consistent amount of quality matches to be played. 9) PLAYOFFS: The top Eight (8) Players will qualify for The Playoffs in Division 1 and Division 2 Singles. Mixed doubles will use the top SIX (6) teams with the top TWO (2) to receive a first round bye. All other divisions (Men's doubles, Women's Singles, Women's Doubles) will use the top FOUR teams to qualify. 10) RANKINGS: Player and Team Rankings will be established based on point totals. Using the above scoring system, players with the most accumulated points at the end of the Regular season will be declared the Regular Season Ladder Champion. Players/Teams with the highest point totals will also receive more favorable seeding in The Playoffs and in some divisions a first round bye. 11) PLAYING THE SAME OPPONENT: The Ladder gives each player the opportunity to play a variety of different opponents and playing styles. And we encourage ALL players and Teams to play as many different opponents as possible. However, due to this year's abbreviated season players and teams will only be required to play TWO different opponents before returning to play a previous opponent. 12) DOUBLES TEAMS: The Ladder gives us the opportunity to improve our doubles game by playing with a consistent partner. This allow us to develop strategy, build chemistry and improve our technique through regular practice and match play. However, sometimes it may become necessary to change our partner. Therefore, if your partner suffers a substantiated injury that will force them to miss the remainder of the Ladder season, then a change in partners is allowable. In this case you can continue with your new partner with HALF the points you accumulated with your old partner. However, if it is decided to change partners due to some other personal reason, you are free to choose a new partner, but must start with ZERO points. 13) INJURY TIMEOUT: It is NOT RECOMMENDED for any player to try and compete while injured. However, if a player has sustained a minor injury and needs a short time to recover, an injury timeout of FIVE MINUTES is allowable. If the injury is more severe or requires treatment a TEN MINUTE INJURY TIMEOUT will be granted. Players will be allowed one Five minute injury timeout PER SET and one Ten minute injury timeout PER MATCH if needed. If after FIFTEEN MINUTES the injured player cannot continue he will DEFAULT the match and his or her opponent will receive TWENTY (20) points for a Match win. The injured player will receive a point for each game won during the match before the injury. 14) INACTIVE LIST: If a player will not be able to participate in The Ladder for more than a SEVEN DAY PERIOD (due to injury, illness, vacation or some other personal reason), they must notify the Ladder Coordinator at 516 554 5120 so that he can put you on the inactive list. When you are ready to resume playing, please again inform the Ladder Coordinator and he will restore you to the active player's list. 15) LADDER COMMITTEE: The 2020 Ladder committee includes Jeff Lacy (Ladder Coordinator), Joanne Walters (Membership Coordinator), Lawrence Gallmon (Youth Program Coordinator and BPTC Coach), Warren Osbourne (Tournament Director and BPTC Coach) *To become a member of the Brookville Park Tennis Club please contact Joanne Walters at 917 822 7842 or Jeff Lacy at 516 554 5120.

Joanne and Deanna Women`s Finals 2019

Next came the most anticipated match of day pitting a rising star versus a Brookville Legend. You could feel the buzz in the audience as they gathered with intrigue for the midday Women`s Final between Joann and Deanna. Deanna has had an outstanding summer and been one of the most improved players in the women`s division. But could she be the one to take down Joann - "The Executioner"? In the beginning of set one it appeared "Left Dee" might have a chance, as she immediately had Joann on her heels with several crisp groundstrokes, clean winners and putaway volleys. She would create three breakpoints in Joann`s opening service game and seemed on the verge of making an early statement. But "The Executioner" battled and eventually fought off the threat to hold serve. Next, Deanna quickly went up 40 0 in her service game - again giving hope for a competitive match - but could not get the decisive game point and was subsequently broken. Although they were only two games in, this proved to be the turning point of the match. Deanna continued to battle, but with each lost point, she became less and less confident. The occassion also was new to her as many in the audience were cheering for her and giving advice, but this seemed to make her more unnerved. She would eventually get a game to make it 4 1 (much to the chagrin of Joann who was now intent on giving out a double bagel), but could get no closer and went down 6 1 in set one. Despite encouragement to put set one behind her and start fresh, in set two the trend continued as Deanna was broken in her opening service game and the errors continued to pile up. Though continuing to compete hard "Left Dee" could not regain her rhythm in the pressurized environment. Meanwhile "The Executioner" was methodically going about her business, playing smart, hitting crisp groundstrokes, moving her younger opponent side to side, in and out and accepting her errors. The crowd continued to give the challenger support, cheering her for every point won. But they could not will her to victory. No that would have to wait for another day; today would have to serve as a learning experience for a future challenge. And if Deanna needed an example of what it takes to win, she needed only to look across the net and see Joann fighting for every point as if it were her last. Final score 6 1 6 0. Another challenger brought before "The Queen" and another challenger "Executed". Congratulations to Joann on winning another Women`s title. And congratulations to Deanna for an excellent season - Better days are ahead.

Isaac vs Mac Men`s Final (2019)

The time had now come for our main event - "The Assassin Versus "The Beast" - Yes Brookville Heavyweights Isaac and Mac were ready to face off in a rematch of last year`s Men`s Final. Last season`s match was an instant classic won by Mac in three sets. Today`s matchup promised to be just as competitive and lived up to it`s billing. However, it didn`t look that way in the beginning as Mac came out in set one with his usual aggression and pushed Isaac around the court in the same fashion as he did to Jeff the day before. Bringing relentless pressure and taking time away from the Lefty allowed Mac to quickly build a 4 0 lead much to the surprise of the Brookville audience. Isaac on the other hand was still not untracked and was slow to react to the pressure causing many unforced errors. "The Beast" kept up the attack and came away with the first set 6 1. In set two "The Assassin" responded! He found the range on his forehand and began to mount an attack of his own. He used his lefty weapon to engage "The Beast" in physical baseline exchanges; many ending with blistering passing shots by "The Assassin" as "The Beast" tried to close in. Mac now sensing Isaac`s elevated play began pressing; impatiently going for too much on his shots resulting in errors. Amazingly the tide had completely turned with "The Assassin" now in full control while "The Beast" looked out of sorts. This trend continued throughout the set until Isaac had secured set two 6 1. Now like two boxers surviving early round knockdowns the two gladiators braced for the decisive third round. With the crowd energized, cheering for their favorite player, the action intensified and the players became more animated. The exchanges, while still physical, became more measured as they probed each other looking for openings. "The Beast" used deep groundstrokes while looking for the right time to attack. "The Assassin" used crosscourt forehands and drop shots while looking for passing shot opportunities. The set became a tug of war as each player struggled to hold serve. Mac jumped out to an early 2 1 lead only to be broken, leading to a series of four consecutive breaks of serve. The match was up for grabs, but who had the stronger grip? Finally with Isaac serving at 3 3 Mac got the decisive break and then held for a 5 3 lead. "The Assassin" would then hold to make it 5 4, forcing "The Beast" to serve it out. During the changeover Isaac could be heard exhorting himself "It`s Now or Never". But despite pushing the score to 30 30, it turned out to be "Never", at least not this year, as "The Beast" used strong serving and net pressure to draw the final error from "The Assassin" and to close out another Brookville Classic - 6 1 1 6 6 4...................................... "THE BEAST RULES" Once Again! Congratulations to Mac on his third straight Singles Title. And congratulations to Isaac on another superb season - we know you`ll be back even hungrier next year.

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